By creating awesome websites and digital media campaigns
As you might have already guessed, my name is Dylan. I am currently based in Toronto, was raised in Winnipeg, and have lived in Vancouver.

I don't like being put in a box, but if you insist. I "am" a creative director, designer, and aspiring entrepreneur.


I work with a wide variety of clients, use cases and requests during my sprint sessions.

Here are examples on I how work with brands 👇
As a  software startup , we want a new website and marketing campaign to attract and acquire more customers
As a  platform company , we want to prototype design features for our mobile, desktop, and web app
As a  marketing agency , we are looking for an integrated multidisciplinary creative who can wear many hats
As a  online store , we to increase our search rankings to drive more organic customers to our site
As a  crypto startup , we need an integrated designer to prototype new features for our platform
As a  freelance creative , I am looking for talented friends to collaborate on client projects with
As a  hardware company , we are looking to collaborate with a product designer to help build our latest product
As a  local business , we want to increase search rankings and create a marketing campaign to get more traffic
I am passionate about



- Web Design
- Concept & Strategy
- App Design
- Design Direction
- Product Design
- Prototypes
- Design System
- Re-Branding


- Campaign Ideation
- Creative Direction
- Production Planning
- Art Direction
- Retouching
- Color Correction
- Graphic Elements
- Asset Optimization


- Explainer Videos
- Commercial Videos
- Interview Videos
- Product Videos
- Campaign Videos
- Directing
- Producing
- Cinematography


- Paid Social Channels
- Website Optimization
- Ad Management
- A/B Testing
- Targeting
- Ad Strategy
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